4D Condition Monitoring

Monitoring allows tracing of the life cycle of buildings, bridges and other structures and equipment, as well as to identify the weaknesses of existing designs and the behavior of deviations from the nominal documentation at each stage. This permits one to give advice on the further operation and possible effects of works on the site in given conditions. It allows one to identify the current state of the object, which is required for efficient solutions during operation, and also allows the costs of insurance to be reduced. In addition, monitoring reveals hidden defects in the structure, as well as its actual potential strength.

The advantage of 4D technology in monitoring systems: 4D technology offered by AVA allows the number of observed vibration parameters of the system to be increased significantly. That, in turn, greatly increases the information received from the monitoring and the accuracy of the information. Our technology also allows one to determine the physical causes and coordinates of the source causing vibration pattern changes.

Making More Sense of Vibration