4D Technology Overview 4D Technology Overview

Our technology is an application of the complex theoretical discoveries of such great mathematicians as Leonhard Euler, Augustin-Louis Cauchy, Siméon Denis Poisson and others. It applies principles that have, in some cases, been known for 300 years but never put to practical use. AVA's 4D technology now makes this possible.

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4D Dynamic Balancing 4D Dynamic Balancing

We provide a great amount of valuable information in comparison with known methods by considering the phase of signal between channels – the measuring axes. Our method is based on measurements of the real oscillation vector at every point in time at a real physical point on the surface of an object.

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4D Condition Monitoring 4D Condition Monitoring

Elliptical (4D) monitoring provides up to 10 times more information about vibration, allowing one to detect and monitor the progress of any changes in the structure. It is possible to locate physically the source of the change, distinguish complicated effects, overlapping and constituent vibration, analyze interaction of different parts, etc.

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4D Predictive Maintenance 4D Predictive Maintenance

AVA technology allows to detect defects in objects such as buildings, bridges, steelworks and other complex structures. The data processing methods also allow to give necessary recommendations regarding reducing the loads on different objects in order to increase the duration of their service.

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Making More Sense of Vibration