About the company

The company was formed in 2012 by alumni of the Hi-Tech business accelerator CommercializationReactorTM. It was built around a breakthrough technology developed by Russian scientists led by Dr. Anatoly Speransky.

The technology starts a new era in safety of mechanical systems. For the first time in the history, we are able to measure and analyze complex vibrations and determine precisely how they arise. This information can be applied by engineers in all industries to redesign the life cycle of mechanical systems, starting from materials science through design and production to maintenance, diagnostics and utilization.

The mission of the company is to improve the safety of mission critical mechanical systems in ground based and aerospace applications, such as power generation, supporting structures, ground, air and space transport vehicles. By sharing our ability to make measurements and analyses, we will enable other specialists to add value to the systems they are responsible for.

Shortly after its incorporation Advanced Vector Analytics raised a pre-seed investment from Imprimatur Capital Fund Management and successfully created its first practical solution for optimization of dynamic balancing. The company applied for several international patents during 2012-2013


Fairs and Exhibitions:

In 2016 AVA participates in Paris Air Forum and Toulouse Space Show


Press about AVA:

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